A skylight adds rich natural lighting to any space, be it a home or work environment. TSRW skylights are manufactured out of the highest quality raw materials and constructed in our factory for our clients specific requirements. Our team of installers have years of experience and work quickly and precisely to provide a world class finish that you can enjoy for years.

All our roof windows & skylights are fitted with our standard PVB which is a 6.38mm laminated safety glass with either a cool grey tint or our standard double glazing unit which consists of a 4mm clear toughened glass, an 8mm spacer and a 4mm low E pane.

Pre-painted (white) or varnished frames:
All Roof Window and Skylights inner frames are constructed from quality kiln dried Meranti.  All frames are pre-varnished or painted prior to final assembly.  This ensures a quality finish.
Custom made frames such as Oregon or lime-washed can be manufactured on request.

Ceiling Finishes:
Various ceiling finishes can be discussed with your approved installer to offer maximum light efficiency as well as aesthetics that will complement the architecture of your building.
Finishes include but are not limited to:

  • Light wells:
    • Small
    • Medium or
    • Large
  • Beading
  • Tongue and groove light wells

Light wells are made from gypsum board and are painted with a top quality paint.

A wide range of flashing kits is available for most applications.  These flashings are designed to mechanically integrate the Roof Window with the roofing material, ensuring both a neat appearance and long waterproof lifespan.

We are the only manufacturers of a flashing system appropriate to use for the installation of roof windows and skylights into thatch.

Our technical department can also develop special flashings for most non standard applications.
All single glazed units are fitted with a condensation outlet which channels moisture from the underside of the window or skylight.  This helps prevent condensation build up on the glass.