A roof light is a window built out from a sloping roof with the window at the same angle as the pitch of the roof. It allows for natural lighting and ventilation into a habitable room or attic. On new buildings the roof structure would be designed to accommodate the roof light. Where a roof light is to be installed in an existing roof structure the roof must be opened and trimmers and framing constructed to receive the roof light.

Roof lights are available as roof windows i.e. opening sash, or as a skylight i.e. non-opening fixed light. The frame is constructed from Hardwood and is grooved on the bottom edge to receive the ceiling boards of the light well.

The opening sash is made from hardwood and fitted with a revolving hinge. The sash may be turned outside inwards for easy cleaning from the inside. Toughened glass is sealed with a gasket and is secured with an aluminium extrusion to the sash. The frame and sash has a built in ventilator at the top to allow for ventilation when the window is closed and a condensation outlet at the bottom.

Roof window code: RW
Skylight code: SK

Our unique patented hinge mechanism rotates the sash through about 165 degrees to allow easy cleaning from inside the room. We further offer the option of solid stainless steel hinges for corrosion resistance in coastal applications.

All our roof windows & skylights are fitted with our standard PVB which is a 6.38mm laminated safety glass with either a cool grey tint or our standard double glazing unit which consists of a 4mm clear toughened glass, an 8mm spacer and a 4mm low E pane.

PRE-PAINTED FRAMES: All Roof Window inner frames are constructed from quality kiln dried Meranti. All frames are pre-varnished prior to final assembly, ensuring an even overall coating.

The option of pre-painted white frames is available to order at a small additional cost. Pre-painting offers a quality finish that cannot be matched by painting after completion of installation.

CEILING FINISHING: Various ceiling finishes can be discussed with your approved installer to offer maximum light efficiency as well as aesthetics that will complement the architecture of your building.

Out of reach Roof Windows can be operated by compact and quiet 220V electric actuators or by aluminium opening rods of various lengths. Where a blind is required, a rod with crank handle end is used to open the Roof Window and operate the blind.

Roller blinds are available in five colours, two of which utilise block out fabric. Out of reach blinds require a RAB adaptor for crank handle operation.


Solid rods are available in lengths of 600mm, 1.2m and 1.8m. Telescopic rods are available in lengths of 2.0m, 2.4m and 3m. A crank handle end is required where blinds are fitted.