Yes definitely.  TSRW manufactures the widest range of factory made flashing systems, which are mechanically assembled to ensure a neat and enduring waterproof finish.  These flashing kits are made to integrate with all roof types, and are resistant to UV exposure and corrosion.
Flashings Type U, L, F and R are available with couplers where skylights are installed next to each other.
TSRW is the only manufacturer of a flashing system suitable for Thatch installations.

TSRW offers various options in higher spec heat reflective glazing systems.  In addition excessive heat build-up exits through a filtered dust extracting ventilator which is integrated into the window or skylight.

All single glazed units are fitted with a condensation outlet which channels moisture out onto the roof.  This feature combined with the flashing kits enable moisture to escape and not to penetrate.

The use of optional PVB laminated glass or double-glazing will greatly reduce condensation build-up, and is recommended for use in bedrooms and bathrooms.

All standard skylights are fitted with 4mm heat reflective glass as standard.  Where soft furnishings or any item sensitive to UV exposure is situated below the skylight, the use of optional PVB laminated glass is recommended.  In addition, a blind may be fitted for total protection.

The finish is at the discretion of the client.

As no perishable component is exposed to the elements, our fade resistant aluminum covers, stainless steel fasteners, anodized aluminum glazing sections and concealed glazing seals ensure an almost indefinite life expectancy.

Optional roller blinds can be fitted to skylights with an RAB mechanism (Remote Adaptor for Blinds). This is operated by a detachable crank handle, making out of reach operation easy.